Joe Agreste Brings Lifetime Expertise. . .

Providing a positive influence in the community by protecting life and property.

Joe Agreste has dedicated his professional life to protecting the life and property of customers he serves. Since 1978 he has personally designed and installed security solutions for homes, businesses, property management companies, cable service providers, K-12, colleges and universities, state and local agencies, military bases, and US Embassies.

“I have designed and installed nearly every type of security system there is for every type of scenario,” says Joe. “But what really counts is the relationships created with the people I work with from customers and employees to vendors and contractors.”

For more than 40 years Joe has been integral in growing multiple alarm companies from startups to multimillion dollar operations. He has provided long term security solutions, risk management and assessments and security recommendations for companies such as Harbor Group, Thalhimer, Colliers, The Runnymede Corp, The Miller Group and Divaris.

Career highlights include consulting and designing automated alarm response systems including setting up central station/911centers and beta testing for Honeywell Security’s TotalConnect division providing development input, bug reports and product improvements for various online applications. In 1980, still early in Joe’s career he launched his first business, AlarmSoft to fill a software development need in the security industry for dispatch systems and equipment integration. His company created one of the nation’s first software products for billing system software for PCs, and one of the first fully automated central station receiving products that simplified and enhanced alarm events for operators. Today, AlarmSoft provides central station alarm dispatch systems and Smart-City solutions that have been deployed worldwide. You can find many of these engineered alarm solutions in numerous commercial buildings in Downtown Norfolk and surrounding cities.

Dedicated to educating customers about security and security systems, Joe wrote “Consumer’s Guide to Modern Electronic Security” that was published in 2005 and available on Amazon. The book, written for the average consumer, guides readers through equipment choices, system design and application, selecting an installation company, monitoring options and basic contract tips.

Focusing his massive amount of security systems and automation knowledge, Joe started his second business Security Technology Group (STG) on January 1, 2020.

“I wanted to offer more to my customers,” says Joe. “I wanted to create a company that provides a positive influence in the community by protecting life and property.”

Backed by Christian partners, Joe has assembled a team of security experts giving STG a solid foundation from the start. STG’s mission is to provide an environment of Christian core values to positively impact the community by protecting life and property, improving the lives of its employees and customers, and maintaining a healthy, enjoyable work environment.

Joe believes long-standing business relationships are key to success. He feels open communication with the customer is the best policy.

“On occasion, issues may arise that puts systems, services or support into question. I strongly believe that keeping the customer informed and remaining transparent is a key solution when solving any problems” says Joe.

Working to always keep abreast of the latest security technology and innovations, Joe continues to work with manufacturers, reps and distributors to learn and to share his customers needs. “That includes monitoring price points making sure we offer the best product/price options.”

In addition to being an owner and consultant, Joe is registered as an Electronic Security (ES) Technician and ES Sales consultant by Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Criminal Justice Services and is also registered and training as a Compliance Officer by Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Criminal Justice Services.

About Security Technology Group (STG)
STG is a provider of security, automation and smart security systems that streamline operations, reduce energy costs and provide you with peace of mind. STG operates a fully equipped monitoring center and network of experienced security professionals in the United States. Offering multiple solutions to help protect customers, STG delivers leading-edge professionally installed and do-it-yourself mobile and digital-based security solutions for residential, small businesses and larger commercial customers. For more information, visit or call (757) 520-2020.