Security Technology Group is highly experienced in assisting property management companies and investors implement the right security and access control solutions for their multi-family developments.

Access Control and Security can be a nightmare when the setup is wrong causing a recurring stream of expenses and excessive spending. If the access control systems or security systems at your multi-family development are a source of constant frustration call STG right now to see how we can help.

We offer FREE consultations for multi-family developments and can show you how to leverage the latest technology to make your tenants happy and feeling secure. This gives you excellent marketing points for providing a safe community to live in – a top priority for many renters!

Beyond basic security, we offer a wide range of solutions made just for multi-tenant buildings and apartment complexes. From gate controls to key pad access and swipe cards, we can provide all of the latest in technology. We understand that the expense of security is always a concern.  The team at STG can help you get maximum value for your security budget spend and turn security expenses into marketing assets in your community.

One of our unique advantages that separates us from our competition in our multi-family division is that we can help a customer by taking care of their security needs while helping them save money. The goal is to move all money from Cap ex to Op ex. This helps property management companies budget more accurately and have their equipment run at 100% all of the time.

Custom Solutions For Multi-Family Communities
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Video Intercoms
  • Building Wide/Apartment Management
  • Door Locks, Smart Thermostats, Access Control, Parking Gate Access, Cameras, Intrusion Systems, Fire Monitoring, Emergency Pool Phones