Our Team

Joe Agreste Sr. - Owner / President

Joe Agreste is our owner / president who was born and raised in Norfolk Virginia. He started in the local security industry in 1978 and in that time became the General Manager of multiple local security companies. He is recognized as both a Virginia DCJS Compliance Officer as well as a North Carolina Security Compliance Officer. Aside from the security industry, Joe was a professional bowler in his earlier years, bowling 2 perfect games in his career. Later on, he gave up bowling to coach his 2 sons, Joey and Timmy of STG, in baseball. Eventually he became a local high school baseball coach and earned 2 state titles at that level for 20 years. He enjoys spending time with his family and loves working with his sons here at STG. His main professional goal is to use STG to make a positive difference in our region. He believes that good old-fashioned hard work, attention to detail, attractive pricing, listening to the customer, and prompt response separates STG from the rest of profit-hungry corporate America. He enjoys being around and helping people and he hopes that with the type of business and services that we offer, STG is able to improve the quality of life for our clients by protecting them and making them feel safer. Joe believes that at this point in time, he is ready to take a step back and start doing some traveling with his wife, Vicky, and enjoy his 2, soon to be 3, grandchildren.

Joe Agreste Jr. Owner / Vice President

Joe Agreste Jr. is the Owner and Vice President of Security Technology Group. Born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia, Joe has always had a strong connection to his community. He completed his education at Greenbrier Christian Academy and went on to earn an Associate's degree from Potomac State Jr. College, followed by a Bachelor's degree from West Virginia University. Joe's journey to success extends beyond his academic achievements. He possessed exceptional talent in baseball and was drafted twice by the Seattle Mariners. Eventually, he had the opportunity to play for the San Diego Padres, solidifying his status as a professional athlete. Joe's time in the sports industry further strengthened his bond with the local community. Beyond his athletic pursuits, Joe's personal life is equally fulfilling. He is happily married to Amanda, and they have two wonderful children named Rylen and Everly. Family is a cornerstone of Joe's life, and he values the love and support they provide. Joe's professional goals revolve around combining the advantages of large corporate outreach with the personalized touch of a small business. He believes in delivering cutting-edge technology to his customers while providing the exceptional support and service they truly deserve. Joe is driven by the notion that this level of commitment has been lacking in the security industry, and he aims to bridge that gap. With his wealth of experience, dedication to his community, and a vision focused on customer satisfaction, Joe Agreste III. is poised to make a significant impact in the world of security.

Tim Agreste - Director of Security

Tim Agreste is our director of security who was born and raised in Chesapeake Virginia. He previously worked as a pipefitter at the Newport News Shipyard and he has particular expertise in access control and different types of cameras. He is married to his wife Lindsey and they are getting ready to welcome their first baby, Austin, in November of this year. He always strives to be the best employee he can be and makes sure that his work is top notch. He loves working at STG because he enjoys being able to help customers and treat them like family. Customer service is Tim’s #1 priority and he always makes sure that the customer is 100% satisfied with his work.

Donna Reed - VP of Operations

Donna Reed is our vice president of operations. She worked as Comptroller for Select Automotive for 22 years and she moved up the corporate ladder very quickly. When she enters a job, she generally enters at a base level position, but because of her loyalty and hard work, she never fails to be given a promotion not long after she is hired. She is an extremely dedicated worker that gives 110% into everything that she does. She is married to her husband Tracy Reed and together they have 4 daughters, Paige, Meghan, Sarah, and Courtney, as well as 2 grandchildren Aaron and Amber. Her goal is for everyone she comes in contact with to know that she loves the Lord with everything she is, and she strives to love people the way Jesus loves them. Whenever she is welcomed into a company, she aims to build that company into whatever the owner envisions, and for STG she does just that. She loves her job because of the people that she gets to work with and how they make her feel special and appreciated. Owner Joe Sr. once told Donna that STG puts God first, then family, then work, and she lives by that hierarchy every day.